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    After you have reviewed the common symptoms of hormonal imbalances, the next step would be checking your hormone levels. This can be done through blood testing at local facilities; such as Sonora Quest, Lab Corp, or Theranos. Or hormone levels may be checked through saliva and/or blood spot testing kits available at Community Clinical Pharmacy.

What lab tests should my provider or I request for checking hormone levels?

Common Female Hormone Testing

  •  Estradiol
  •  Estrone Sulfate
  •  Progesterone
  •  DHEA-s
  •  Free and Total Testosterone
  •  FSH
  •  Vitamin D 25-OH
  •  TSH, Free and Total T3 and T4
  •  LH (Pre-menopausal women)

Common Male Hormone Testing

This is the initial testing required to evaluate a Man’s hormonal imbalance status.

  •  Free and Total Testosterone
  •  PSA
  •  TSH, Free and Total T3 and T4

Once you or your health care provider have received the results from your lab test, it is time to set up your appointment with Sharzad Green, Pharm. D. You can request an appointment online or call the pharmacy. Initial hormone replacement appointments last for one hour. We can set up private in-office appointments, phone appointments, or Skype/FaceTime appointments for a time that works best for you.

One Hour Hormone Replacement Therapy Consultations:

  •  Review your recent lab results
  •  Discuss your current symptoms
  •  Evaluate your past and present medical history, including family history
  •  Discuss hormone and non-hormonal options for improving your symptoms


Since COVID, we have been doing our patient consultations via secure video or phone for the safety of our community. Learn more about how we’ve adapted our consultation process.