What Are Arousal Creams and How Do They Work?

What Are Arousal Creams and How Do They Work? 1024 536 Community Clinical Pharmacy

Addressing Sexual Issues in Women

If you’re one of the millions of women worldwide suffering from sexual desire issues, you may have heard of “scream creams” or arousal gels developed by sexual health specialists.  Supplementation like oxytocin that may help bring the drive back in women, has grown in popularity.

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Over 40% of women in the US alone have had or are dealing with sexual dysfunction, ranging from low libido to the inability to reach orgasm. This may be caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause as the most common factors, with stress and illness also playing a huge role. Adverse effects of certain medication can also affect sexual drive.

How Do Arousal Gels Work?

Scream creams basically work as sexual enhancement creams. They work to enhance blood flow to increase sensitivity, fostering arousal. Increased sensitivity also leads to increased climax intensity.

Using Scream Creams

Applying a pea-sized amount to your vaginal or clitoral area half an hour before intimacy is the standard. Even with just a small amount, the application will be absorbed, causing your vaginal or clitoral area to be more sensitive. The effect usually wears off after two hours for the most part but may vary depending on the user. Further Reading >>

Working with Community Clinical Pharmacy may help individuals address problems in the bedroom based on specific individual needs. Our expert compounding pharmacist assesses your lifestyle and may recommend a hormone test to get a thorough picture of your health.

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Community Clinical looks into factors that may affect women’s sexual health and look into options that may work best for them. For questions about sexual health dysfunction and more, feel free to consult with Dr. Sharzad Green, the East Valley’s leading hormone specialist.

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